Data protection declaration

MAGIC TURN respects your privacy and therefore only requests rights for operating the app that are absolutely necessary at installation.

No personal data

No personal details, and in particular personal data, such as contact and telephone lists, names and address, GPS and location data are revealed or collected and passed to MAGIC TURN or third parties, when installing, or during later use of the MAGIC TURN app.

Rights required

The "billing service" right allows you to make purchases within the app. For messages about any app problems, the associated rights "network status" and "Internet access" are required. To continuously improve the game experience and enjoyment of playing, as well as for general further development of the app, results of completed puzzles are transmitted using as few bytes as possible, provided there is an Internet connection. This completely anonymous game information does not include any personal data but only general, neutral information on the puzzles completed.
The "photos / media / files" rights (sometimes also "Read / rights to external storage") is only required for interim saving of the advertising displayed. In this way less data has to be loaded from the Internet, which protects your Internet data usage. Should the app be made ad-free, this right will not be used.
With iOS these rights are not confirmed separately, in contrast with Android.

Conditions of use

Your game data set

If the app is uninstalled or all app data are deleted, your game data set will of course also be removed. This includes your successes achieved up to that point. Should you re-install the app at a later date, a new empty game data set will be then be created. However, sets already bought can be restored at any time (under "options").

Copies and consumables

If the app and data are copied to another device or if the app data are restored after app reinstallation with the help of a backup, previously purchased sets will automatically be restored and you will receive your high scores and reward sets. MTs and Undos cannot be restored as these are consumables.\n\nBefore moving to another device, you should therefore optimally use up all Magic-Turns and Undos.


The purchase of articles in the MAGIC TURN app proceeds according to existing laws on virtual and digital goods, as well as within the options and provisions of the download platform via which MAGIC TURN was acquired. Price details: The prices given in the app and in the ordering and purchasing areas are confirmed; these are acquired at the stage following the order and purchase procedure via the download platform through MAGIC TURN.


The prices set for the items may change from time to time. Subject to other provisions, the prices include any taxes due at the time of the transaction.

The order and purchasing process

"Order" and "Purchasing" mean the selection of paid content that is offered in the MAGIC TURN app, associated with the selection of payment method as well as the issuing of an order by clicking on the ordering or purchase areas or other similar acceptance confirmation in the context of the order process, or other details with regard to acceptance conditions, which are required as part of the order process.
To issue orders or purchases within the MAGIC TURN app, you must be legally competent in terms of age according to the legal provisions in force. If you are not legally competent in terms of age, you may only issue orders or purchases with the prior agreement of parent or legal guardian. You recognize that all orders or purchases issued are legally effective and binding. All orders or purchases are subject to the acceptance of Showdown Entertainment GmbH, the publisher of the MAGIC TURN app.